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There's nothing more aggrevating then watching a site build momentum, climbing the ranks of the SERP's, just to stallshort of reaching it's maximum potential.  After all, you spent a lot of time, money, and effort to get it to where it is right now.

Why would you stop shy with the end goal of higher traffic and potentially increased profits right within your grasp?

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Studies have shown that whomever holds the coveted #1 spot in the SERP's will receive anywhere between 33 - 85% of the traffic, leaving everyone else to fight for the scraps.  Simply put, Improved Rank = Improved Revenue.  Unless you increase

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This package is the optimal choice for those have already used our other services, but simply need an additional "shove" to get over the wall that's been holding your site back from becoming the dominant force within your niche.    If you haven't already taken advantage of our other powerful SEO packages, then this campaign is NOT for you, and we'd suggest that you take a look at our PLATINUM Package for additional support.

But, if you have already started using and utilizing our services, and still want to further your online visibility, then the BOOST PACKAGE is by far the most effective campaign available anywhere on the web!

  • Have you already built rank but are still falling short to a few pesky competitors?
  • Would you like to recliam your spot after being knocked down by a recent Google update?
  • Are you sick of wasting your precious time on SEO that simply isn't getting the job done?
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Remember how exited you were when your site first started building rank?  If you were using TWC's PLATINUM package, then there's no doubt that your rise was fast and effective.  But now you're stuck in a rut.......

How would it feel to see that site take off again?

Our team of over 80+ SEO experts are here to pour their years of knowledge into your site.

With the help of TWC professionals, you could enhance your standings in one swift, yet extremely potent, SEO campaign. You're not alone.  With 24/7 access to our support team, you are well on your way to success.

Can This SEO "Quickstrike" Be For Real?

Everyone knows that the rules of SEO have changed.  Every year, every update, the techniques and strategies that SEO experts have been employing have changed, making it incredibly difficult for a site to improve rank quickly......


Though many things have changed over the past 14 years since TWC first began operations, the same basic principles still apply.  Google and other search engines want to provide the best sites to it's audience.  Our job is to cut through all of the red tape and show Google that YOUR site IS the best option for it's viewers.

Over these years we have compiled a few strategies that work astonishingly well in a short amount of time for sites that are currently utilizing our services.  So it is entirely possible to enhance your site's visibility if you are already a customer.  All of our methods are 100% SAFE and will NEVER get you penalized by the top search engines.

If you want, you can even add this to your current TWC campaigns for added effectiveness!

Can You Guarantee Results?

No. There are no absolutes in SEO.  Rankings depend on countless miniscule factors.  If an any SEO company EVER offers a guarantee, then they are likely not operating within the boundaries and may get your site penalized when Google catches on.

However, If you have a website that is ranking for low, medium, or hard keywords and its sitting in positions 100, 200 and 300. We are going to send out your boost and 99.99% of you are going to see some sort of movement in your project and its likely going to be a nice movement. You will of course need to have realistic expectations when placing orders for extremely tough keywords.  Most will see some sort of results within 5 days - 3 weeks.

What Makes TWC's Packages SO Impressive?

To be honest, this is one of TWC's closest kept secrets.  This is a strategy that has PROVEN itself effective time and time again, that no other company within our industry is doing.  Don't believe us?  Check out what our customers have to say..........

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"Total Web Creation offers the most effective, professional and complete SEO solution..."

What we can tell you is that we use uniquely written content that is optimized to high pr websites then we build tiers 2-7 back to those high pr websites.  BUT, it's the "special" way that we do it that brings REAL RESULTS

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If this is so POWERFUL then why are you offering it at such a low price?

This opportunity is being offered to TWC members ONLY.  The Boost package until recently was NOT available to the public and again may close at anytime.  We want to offer an affordable option to help further enhance the ongoing SEO efforts of our current clientele.  As always it is very important to continue with other packages you have running even if you achieve front page top results with this boost package. SEO is an ongoing battle and other people worldwide are fighting each and everyday to take that top position away from you. Keeping your backlinking packages intact will help to ensure that you keep the rankings you have achieved.

Ask yourself.  Are you prepared to join the thousands of other satisfied Boost Package members?

If you're satisfied with your stalled rankings and no longer seek to improve your online visibility ......and most of all, your profits, then perhaps this program is not for you.  However, if you are ready to take advantage of this icredible (members only) opportunity, then.......

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