Most Frequently Asked SEO Questions from TWC Clients

If you find that your questions are not answered here on this page please make use of the support system that is in place inside of your client login area as we are here to help in anyway we can 24/7.

Most always you are going to get a response from one of our professional support reps within 10 minutes or less.
No ticket will never go unanswered for more than a couple hours.

  • Q.Why Should I consider Using TotalWebCreation for My SEO?

    A.Through 14 years of web development, software creation and SEO we know every aspect of ranking a website ranging from problematic hosting, coding errors, on site SEO problems, off site SEO management and more.

    Most companies out there are going to throw you a few thousand backlinks and “hope” they rank your website but with TWC your website is going to get a full evaluation upon every campaign setup. If there is any problems or errors found with any aspect of your website that may be hindering your success you will notified immediately with a solution so you can obtain top rankings for your website/business and reap higher earnings.

  • Q.Which Package is the Most Effective Off Site Organic SEO Package?

    A.The Platinum Package is the most effective Off Site SEO Package available and has many techniques and methods included in it that are not included in our other SEO Packages. It has much more social SEO involved which is extremely important for a websites ranking growth as well as traffic growth.

    While we do understand that the Platinum Package is not affordable for all clients it is the package that you should work towards as you see new income flow into your business while utilizing our other SEO packages.

  • Q.Where Can I Find Support If I Need Help or Have Questions?

    A.There is a support ticket system which is located in the professional clients area you are provided with that does not require any additional registration to use. Simply submit a ticket with any questions or concerns you may have and they will be addressed quickly and thoroughly.

    Free Clients that do not have a paid subscription may also use the ticket system so make sure to signup today for a free account as the contents of the client area may answer your questions before you ask.

    If you are not an existing paid client nor a free client you may use the contact us page of this website to send any questions.

  • Q.Can I Hire TotalWebCreation To Do SEO For Me Without A Subscription?

    A.Yes. Once you get a free account with TWC you will see many packages that we offer in a non subscription form inside the clients area.

  • Q.If I Signup For A Subscription Can I Cancel At Anytime?

    A.Yes. You may cancel any subscription at anytime instantly by logging into your Paypal account, going to history and clicking cancel on the subscription and you will no longer be billed.

    Optionally you may contact support and they will cancel any subscriptions that you ask us to cancel right away so you are no longer billed.

  • Q.Am I Guaranteed To Get Better Rankings?

    A.SEO relies upon many factors including prior website SEO history, previous penalties, keyword competition levels, website content, website age, your websites on-site SEO such as meta tags ect.. and much more.

    While all of the TWC SEO packages are very effective we cannot guarantee a positive movement in the SERPS for ALL clients as we haven’t seen or analyzed your website and its prior history to make such a  bold claim.

    If you have unique content on your website with no prior bad history or penalties and you choose the proper SEO plan for your keywords then you will likely see substantial gains in rankings as the majority of our clients do.

  • Q.My Website Has Been Penalized Can TotalWebCreation SEO Still Help Me?

    A.Yes. TWC has worked with damaged websites for years and we have developed the Platinum Package to help with penalized or damages websites with a bad past.

    That being said we also offer a link detox package that may be needed in some certain circumstances to see the best growth and top rankings returned for your website.

    Speak with a support rep via ticket and let them analyze your website today and work towards which SEO plan will help in your individual case. We are here to help no matter the issues you are having and we will do our best to restore damaged rankings as quickly as possible.

  • Q.I Am On A Tight Budget or Fixed Monthly Income What Can I Do?

    A.TWC offers several different SEO Packages and there should be one that will fit each and every budget. Make sure to grab a free SEO account so you can see the addition special offer we have in the clients area which may help clients who have smaller or restricted budgets.

  • Q.Does TotalWebCreation Offer On-Site SEO Packages?

    A.Yes. TWC offer on-site and off site SEO both. In fact, we highly recommend that users take advantage and utilize both of these awesome packages to get maximum results.

  • Q.Does TotalWebCreation Offer SEO Packages for My Local Google Plus Listings?

    A.Yes. TWC does offer Local SEO Packages for your Google Plus listings. These packages are on a strict first come first serve basis as we only accept so many of these each month.

    If the purchase button is active when you are ready to purchase then you are in luck as it will be disabled once positions are full which is a large portion of the time as local clients just simply do not give up these packages very often. If they are open make sure to order yours right away before they are sold out again.

  • Q.Will I Receive Reports to Pass On To My Clients?

    A.Yes. All SEO Packages that TWC offers come with a weekly report (except the Local Packages) which you can one click download and send to your clients as if you did the work yourself.

  • Q.Can I Make Changes to My Campaigns If Needed?

    A.AT TWC you will have full control of your campaigns. Once you make a purchase it is setup instantly inside your client area ready for you to edit. You are free to change the urls and keywords when you like or need. There is no need to contact asking anyone to change things for you as these are instant edits you can make yourself with the click of your mouse.

  • Q.How Do I Upgrade To The Next SEO Package?

    A.There is no simple upgrade from one subscription to another as Paypal controls all subscriptions for TWC. You would simply cancel your old subscription or contact support to cancel it for you and then proceed to purchase the next SEO package you were interested in moving up to.

  • Q.I Need Custom SEO Work Done That is Not Offered On Your Website Can You Help Me?

    A.TWC has been doing SEO for more than 14 years now. Simply put, our SEO packages work and they work well. For that reason we do not bend on whats included in a package and we will not add to or take away from any package we have. If you are looking to get something unique to fit your needs make sure to speak with a support rep before ordering as in most cases we will change anything we do.

  • Q.How Will I Track The Progress While You Work on My Websites SEO?

    A.No matter what SEO package you choose from TWC SEO you will get a very easy to use client panel. Inside that client panel you will find many things such as

    Weekly Reports (Except Local SEO Plans)

    Live rank tracking beside each of your keywords so you can easily see and track progress each and every day

    Special Offers not available to the public

    FREE SEO tools to use on your website for keyword research and more

  • Q.What Is The Article Quality of The Submissions

    A.TWC has a full team of writers and for each order you place we will write unique perfect grammar English articles for your submissions. Once those are written they are then hand spun and used for the submissions. These are reviewed several times to ensure top quality and to ensure they are perfectly readable.



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