DOMINATE The SERP's With Custom On-Site SEO!

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  • Pages Optimized for Your Keywords.
  • Meta Tags Fixed and Filled In
  • Broken Code Search and Repair
  • H-Tags Optimized and Edited
  • Paragraphs of Unique Content Added
  • Addition of XML Sitemaps For Search Engines




DOMINATE The SERP’s With Custom On-Site SEO!

"It is not the job of Search Engine Optimization to make a pig fly. It is the job of the SEO to
genetically re-engineer the web site so that it becomes an eagle."

I think that we can all agree that the key to a successful online business is to drive traffic to your site.  Without traffic, there are no consumers.  Without consumers, there is no proft.  Of course the easiest way to build consistant traffic is to rank your site as high as possible.  BUT.......

There is a lot to building up a site's rank, much more than most would like to admit.

Link building and off-site optimization is only a small piece of the puzzle.  In order to truly maintaina commanding lead over the competition, you need to pay attention to the finer points of On-Site SEO.

Unless your site is FULLY optimized, you could be losing

Google FAVORS pages that fit a specific criteria.Unfortunately, a vast majority of sites are simply selling themselves short by not taking advantage of the opportunity to increase their rankings beyond what off-site SEO can do.Even sites with relatively weak linking strategies can build authority over their competitors with a solid on-site package. Believe it or not, but statistics show that the majority of your competitors rely solely on linking strategies and completely ignore the On-Site factors.This is a HUGE advantage for you!

How Can On-Site SEO Help Your Site?

There are literally countless factors that Google's spiders account for when determining the ranking of a website. If a site is lacking in any of these categories, they are effectively losing points that would otherwise help them reach that next spot in the SERP's. The difference between the #1 position in search results and #2 could be a difference of MILLIONS of views over the course of your site's lifetime. How much would several MILLION additional views do for your business?

What Does TWC Offer That Others Don't?

After successfully providing SEO services to countless customers over the past 14 years, our team of professional SEO experts have learned EVERY advantageous method to creating the best On-Site profile possible.  Allow our team to dig deep within your site to extract elements that may be bogging your site down, while adding the essentials that will ensure that your site is in pristine quality for the top spots inGoogle's search results.

There is no automation involved as every step is miticulously done by hand by our TWC experts in order to guarantee that everything is on point.  The amount of time it would take for one person to accomplish is absoluteley staggering!

Do you REALLY have the time to search through EVERY nook and cranny of your site?

This process is also extremely customized as every site is completely different.  Allow us to work ourmagic so that you get RESULTS!

Here Are A Few Key Elements That We Maximize…..

  • Meta Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Meta Keywords
  • URL Structure

  • Website Navigation
  • Content
  • Headers
  • Keyword Density

The above details give a good indication of what we will be looking for when doing on-page SEO for your website. We cannot stress enough that with the new Google updates, on-page SEO has been shoved into the forefront more than ever before. We at TWC can rank a website with bad on-page SEO, as evidenced by our thousands of satisfied clients, but having proper on-page SEO gives you an added element and advantage that most website owners ignore these days.

More now than ever, Google is looking to sites for proper On-Site SEO.  It has quickly become one of the most important factors in ranking a site, regardless of age.

Do You WANT To Increase Profits?

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