SEO Maintenance is Absolutely Essential to the Continued Success of Your Business

  • Helps to Maintain Current Ranking Status
  • Helps to Improve Current Ranking Status
  • Maintain and Improve Website Income
  • Helps Keep You in Front of The Competition
  • A Must Have For Any Serious Business Owner
  • New and Improved Rankings and Earnings
  • Stay Relevant in the Search Engines

As you may know, SEO is an ongoing endeavor.  SEO maintenance can never be completed as there will always be room for improvement.  Even if you rank first for every keyword and keyword phrase within your niche (which is highly unlikely) there will always be a host of competitors vying for that #1 spot.  Eventually, their efforts will undermine your success, effectively invalidating everything that you’ve worked so tirelessly to achieve.  So, at this point, you have a critical choice to make; will you allow these other sites to nullify all of the backbreaking work and elbow grease that you’ve put into building your business, or will you choose an SEO maintenance plan to ensure that your site remains at the top of all SERPS’s for good?  The right choice should be obvious……

Choosing the correct SEO maintenance plan can often be a difficult choice in of itself.  For instance, the higher the level of competition for your current keyword selections, the more powerful the SEO maintenance plan you will require in order to sustain your rankings within the SERP’s.  Choosing the minimum package may not be enough to circumvent the continuous SEO efforts of your competition.  On the other hand, if you choose an SEO maintenance plan that is extremely powerful, yet too costly to sustain for the long run, you may see your rankings begin to slide once you discontinue the service.  The secret is to choose the most effective SEO maintenance plan that will also fit within your marketing budget.  Think of this as your safety net to secure your ongoing business efforts for the coming future..

Weighing Your Options:  The Regular SEO Plan vs. The SEO Power Plan

The Regular SEO Plan

This is an outstanding option for those that rank primarily for low / medium competition keywords and keyword phrases.  As TWC’s most cost effective SEO maintenance plan, your site will still have the protection that it needs to continue dominating the SERP’s at an affordable price point.  If you are looking for an SEO option that is incredibly formidable for lower tier keywords, the Regular SEO Plan is what you will need.

The SEO Power Plan

 As TWC’s most preferred option, the SEO Power Plan is on an entirely different level from any other SEO maintenance plan available today.  This plan is an absolute must for those that rank (or plan on ranking for) medium or highly competitive keywords.  Render your competitors useless as they break the bank trying to usurp your vice-like hold on the most profitable keywords available within your niche.

Nowhere else will you find such a dominant and reliable service provided to you for such an inexpensive price.  With the help of TWC, you can rest easy knowing that your site’s positions (and profits) are secure for a long time to come.


Choosing an SEO maintenance plan is absolutely essential to the continued success of your business.  Don’t be the one that finds themselves suddenly losing rank and scrambling to regain their place within the SERP’s.  We have many clients who have low to medium competitive keywords who order the power plan, which is perfectly acceptable as it fits comfortably within their budget.  If you have any questions at all, or are confused on which SEO maintenance plan is the best option for you, feel free to contact the TWC staff.

Quick Note:

While Total Web Creation will work furiously to help you maintain your current positions and to help you even gain higher more lucrative positions we cannot guarantee that will be the case for every client. We do not know what you have done prior to using TWC as far as SEO work nor do we know whom you have hired before us. We do not own your website therefore we do not do the on-site changes ourselves and add the content. Loss of rankings can happen from work done a year ago by another firm and if that does happen rest assured we are here to help you recover your positions when such instances arise.



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